[Collator Introduction] CARDINATE

Hello Centrifuge Community,

CARDINATE here, we would like to introduce ourselves as collator :slight_smile:

We have been in IT since 2001, starting with web design in the Web 1.0 world (HTML, CSS, PHP3) and compiling Linux systems ourself (Kernel 2.2).
Already in 2004 we have been operating our own Linux server systems (web, mail, dns, vpn, ftp, proxy etc.) in local data centers.

Since 2015 we operate our own Autonomous System (AS / ASN / LIR), including a routing- and switching infrastructure, with high performance compute- and storage systems.

Our core infrastructure is geo-redundant and distributed across several tier 4 / 3 datacenters in germany.
We also have our own IPv4- and IPv6-address ranges, which we announce via Internet protocol BGP to ensure georedundant connectivity of the systems we operate.

All our validators and collators are installed on bare-metal hardware, with high performance AMD or Intel CPUs, at least 64GB ECC RAM, NVMe HW-RAID and redundant power supply.

### Our own Cloud Infastructure:

  • autonomous system (AS) and ip address ranges (RIPE NCC member)
  • full mesh BGP core-routers with dos/ddos traffic mitigation solution
  • high performance routing- and switching infrastructure
  • high performance compute- and storage systems for nodes
  • high performance bare-metal servers for validators and collators
  • backup and disaster recovery solutions & systems
  • Ansible deployment and automation
  • geo-redundant infastructure, distributed across several tier 4 / 3 datacenters in germany
  • 24x7 infrastructure monitoring with Checkmk, Prometheus and Grafana

We are already heavily involved in the phala blockchain project and support the khala network with 100+ workers, bridges and nodes.
Since 12/2020 we operate our own validators in the Ethereum 2.0 network and since 2022 collators in the Phala/Khala, Astar/Shiden network and KILT network.

### Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem projects we already involved in:

  • Polkadot/Kusama network (Nodes)
  • Khala / Phala network (Collators, Nodes, Bridges, Workers)
  • Shiden / Astar network (Collators, Nodes)
  • KILT network (Collator, Nodes)
  • Bit.Country & Metaverse.Network (Nodes)

### Other ecosystem projects we already involved in:

  • Ethereum network (Validators, Nodes)

So we really support the decentralized approach of the Centrifuge blockchain project, because our operations, ip connectivity and server systems are definitely not dependent on the big centralized internet services providers or cloud providers.

We would be proud to support the Centrifuge project with a collator placed in our infrastructure.

Best Regards

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