CFG <> wCFG Bridge Freeze

I crossed from CFG to ERC20, but it has been twenty hours and I still haven’t received wCFG. When I checked the ERC20 explorer, I found that the bridge only executed the Vote Proposal task but did not execute the Execute Proposal task. It seems that an error occurred.

cfg hash: Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer
erc20: Ethereum Transactions Information | Etherscan

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Hi Peng.

Thanks for your message. Right now we have some issue with bridge transfers. We are aware of that issue and thankfully our Devs are already working on the solution. We will let you know once this issue has been fixed.
Please check Discord as well for updates

Hello, may I ask how the progress is going now? I noticed that subsequent cross-chain transactions of other people have been successfully executed, but I still have not received my wcfg.

Good day A545120
Please send me in DM your:

  1. CFG wallet address
  2. ERC-20 wallet address.
  3. Amount of tokens

I will try to clarify this with Centrifuge Devs.
Thank you.

cfg wallet address: 4fhapJ3dm9xRcjf92nHgEtzykpDw6VvgS8vua4TmARmv9Xpk
ERC-20 wallet address: 0x86f02113f07841f297bfba1f31f2a6d31071ae61
Amount: 14700CFG

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Good day
Thank you.
I informed Centrifuge Devs about this issue. Once the issue will be fixed i will return back to you with the answer.
Sorry for causing this inconvenience.

During a rutinary inspection we found some issues in one of the bridge’s los that the core team operates.

We have applied a patch to the bridge to make sure this doesn’t happen again, other bridge operators are applying the same patch gradually and it should be good to go very soon if not already.

We’re going to look into your transaction to make sure it goes through as expected, it should be all set tomorrow or latest on Monday.
We will post again when all checks come back green.

Not to worry, the way it’s setup no funds will be lost.
That your for your patience


Thanks, I look forward to the progress

Seems like as of yesterday we have been able to move all the funds that were “stuck”. Than you for your patience, due to the security measures of the bridge in order to process transactions this way we need multiple non related signers to agree individually and this can take multiple days until we get a quorum.

Let us know if there’s anything else we can check for you!

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I have received funds, thanks

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