Issues with wCFG <-> CFG bridge

I’ve used the bridge to convert the wCFG that I bought on Kucoin to send to my Polkadot wallet via Metamask two times previously (lates August 3rd) without any issues.

But when I tried yesterday, I just got the message “Transfer aborted” immediately after pressing “Start transfer”.

What seems to be the issue and does the team have eta on the fix?


Hi @Rhano
Please note that the team is aware of the bridge issue and is working on to resolve it ASAP.
Our product owner/development team will be in a position to provide ETA for this fix.
@denniswell @devin would u guys would mind to provide the details of what’s the issue and ETA for it? Thanks in advance


Thanks for reply.

I know I wrote the same question in the official chat on TG as well (along with other people) but wanted to post it here too to get a response from the team/devs working on the issue.

I hope it will be fixed soon. Currently all my CFG are in my Metamask wallet, not earning staking rewards.

Would be nice to get an eta from team as soon as possible so I/we can react accordingly.