Bridge Transaction

Hello, today I received my tokens from Coinlist, I tried to change to wCFG so I can trade on one exchange

I made the transaction like 4 hours ago, but I have not received the tokens and in the website its still pending

How can I get support? Or at least how can I check the transaction history of the bridge?

Same situation. Its ongoing 5 hours. My tx Subscan | Substrate based blockchain explorer


me too,I use the cfg bridge to try to convert cfg to wcfg, but more than ten hours have passed and the last signature is still missing. Now the web page is refreshed, I can’t see the status, but I haven’t received the token. What should I do now?

check your ether wallet for wCFG they are probably there waiting for you.

edit: dont forget to add wCFG manually to your wallet

I also have this issue … It’s been about 8 hours for me and haven’t seen anything show up in my wallet. Trx went thru on subscan as well.

Have you added wCFG manually to your Ethereum wallet? (like metamask).

It is very likely it’s just there waiting for you.

And did you have your tokens just sitting in your wallet or are they still lost?