Centrifugians! 🌀 Get ready for our Discord Missions! 🥳

If you haven’t already definitely join us at our Discord server to be ready for the launch of our Discord missions program: https://discord.gg/NQrhC3F7Ne

Here’s your chance to help spread the word about Centrifuge, win cool NFTs and SWAG, while also earning your way to the coveted role of certified Centrifugian! :hushed:

The Centrifuge team will soon be releasing a set of missions on our Discord server. Upon completion of a mission, should you choose to accept it, a team member will verify and promote you to the next rank :arrow_up: You will then be able to progress to the next mission, and completion of all missions gives you the chance to win Centrifuge-themed merchandise and cool NFTs :sunglasses:

How will prizing work? :eyes: We have a limited amount of merchandise to send out and therefore Centrifuge merch will be reserved for only our earliest mission-goers. If you are quick enough to finish these missions within our alloted cap, you will be sent an “NFT-ticket” from the Centrifuge team. This NFT-ticket is redeemable for Centrifuge merch when the program is finished! :tickets: For those who take part in the missions after the merchandise cap is reached, you will still be rewarded with cool unique NFTs :relaxed:

What does it mean to be a Centrifugian? :cyclone: By completing all the missions set out you will have proven yourself as a trusted community member. Those who complete all missions and continue to champion Centrifuge’s vision will be given the role of trusted Centrifugian in our Discord server. With this role you will be considered one of the pioneers that helped grow our community and we hope this motivates you to help guide our newer Centrifugians. If you want to contribute more, just wait for our bonus mission which will come with an extra special reward :wink:

The details of each mission will be announced shortly, and please remember that completion of a mission is at the discretion of a team member! :heart:


Yay thankyou for releasing some info on this, been really looking forward to participating and getting centrifuge the recognition it deserves!


Hi, I am having trouble joining the Centrifuge discord group. Anyone else unable to join?

All good. I am in now.

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