Centrifuge Crowdloan Update

Crowdloan news: it’s a contributions game

  • Centrifuge collaborator Moonriver surged ahead with contributions in the 1st batch of the auctions. Auctions #6-11 are now on and proving to be an exciting race. Efinity has just won the latest slot in batch 2. A big congrats from Centrifuge! :ok_hand:

Now The battle is now getting interesting.

Community contributions

  • Centrifuge is hitting it out of the park in terms of community contributions. At the time of writing we’re ahead of Composable Finance and just behind Efinity in terms of numbers of contributions (14,892). This simply proves that Centrifuge has the best community!!! :medal_sports:

  • Based on the numbers from dotmarketcap.com Centrifuge already has more contributors than Clover Finance (11,768) who won slot Number. 5! :heartbeat:

  • Just like our crazy cousin Altair - who attracted 11 201 contributions, Centrifuge is made more powerful by decentralization. :handshake:

Let’s attract more contributions to our bid! Share your referral code and get more people involved!

Fasten your seatbelts

  • The countdown is on until Centrifuge’s bid goes to auction. We’re currently shaping up to win the 8th slot (Jan 20 - Jan 27) :cyclone:

  • In the build up to this date we need you to continue to support the crowdloan: share the word about Centrifuge on social media, invite fellow degens and frens to contribute and look forward to a future of limitless potential for RWAs! :loudspeaker:

With our parachain Centrifuge will become the home for Real World Defi on Polkadot

Rewards party

Centrifuge has some of the best rewards in the race:

  • Referral Bonus: If you refer a friend, you can earn an extra 5 % for yourself and the person who uses your referral bonus on the amount that they contribute. You get 5% on every amount where your referral is used and they get 5 % as well. :boom:
  • Heavyweight: contribute 5K DOT or more and receive a 5% heavyweight bonus on your base rewards. :weight_lifting_woman:
  • Loyalty Bonus:if you contributed KSM to Altair and also DOT to Centrifuge you will receive an additional 5% bonus on your base rewards. :dancing_men:

Why wouldn’t you get in on these rewards

See the ‘How to Contribute’ video with Cassidy Daly from Centrifuge and Will Pankiewicz from Parity here

:point_right: Comment below with your thoughts on how we can take this out!


Awesome! Thank you Kate!

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Referral links for the 5% bonus can be found (and posted) in Discord! :point_down:


Centrifuge wins a slot in Parachain auctions with 5,435,161 DOT raised from 27,101 contributions!


We will provide more info about claiming and distribution soon!

Again, our community were among the highest contributors
Again, we were the most decentralized
Again, the power of Centrifuge is shown

:cyclone: :cyclone: :cyclone: :cyclone: :cyclone: