Centrifuge Council increased from 7 to 9

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The Centrifuge Council has increased the amount of seats from 7 to 9 as a part of the most recent Runtime Upgrade 1007. Before the upgrade, there were two runners up (Kirill and Ash) and they have now been elected and given a seat in the Council.

Some of the most important tasks of the Council are:

 Proposing referenda for the benefit of the network and token holders
 Vetoing malicious or dangerous referenda
 Managing the Treasury (which also was enabled with this Runtime Upgrade)

Having a well diversified Council is important when discussing changes/voting for proposals and with this increase, more experience and expertise has been added to it.

This is the status of the current Council on Centrifuge :point_down:

This means that there are now 9 councillors and 9 slots for the runners up.

If you want to learn more about how council elections work, how to vote for the council or how to submit a candidacy for the council, you can check this short post here.


Thanks for the transparency and congratulations to @Ash and @prankstr25 as new members of the Centrifuge council!


I think this will be very beneficial for future democracy proposals! congratulations to @Ash and @prankstr25 aka Kirill on your elections! :star_struck:

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