Centrifuge Council Collator Selection Criteria

The on-chain council would like to propose a collator selection process for adding the first collators to the Centrifuge parachain.

Currently on Centrifuge (just like on Altair) the collator selection mechanism is implemented through on-chain governance. The Centrifuge parachain council would like to propose a collator selection process for adding the first collators to the Centrifuge parachain. This process follows the same structure as the one outlined by the Altair Council.

The Centrifuge Council will begin by selecting 5 collators to add to the set - read on below to learn more about the selection criteria that the on-chain Council will follow and what to expect from the governance process.

In the future, once staking on parachains is more mature, we plan to propose to upgrade collator selection to a staking-based process.

Selection Criteria

  • Running a validator on Centrifuge Chain
    • Era Points accumulated since inception
    • Slashing events
  • Running validators on other chains
    • Good track record accumulated for the past year (such as era points)
    • Higher weight given to nodes running on Polkadot, Kusama, or other substrate chains
  • Good reputation in the wider Altair, Centrifuge, Polkadot, and/or Kusama ecosystems

The governance process for adding collators to Centrifuge will follow these steps:

  1. Post a collator introduction on the forum indicating your interest in becoming a collator for the Centrifuge parachain & include links to data according to the selection criteria above
    • Deadline for the first batch is April 15 EOD
    • After the first batch all introductions are considered on a rolling basis
  2. Centrifuge parachain council will select the 5 highest scoring collators from the proposals and propose to add this set of 5 collators through on-chain democracy after April 17
  3. After a period of stability, the council will continue to propose 1-3 collators per cycle (1 month) to add to the existing collator set until a set of 20 is reached

Note: On-chain staking mechanism is in development, and this democracy-led collator selection process will transition to a stake-weighted process in the future


  1. Base Transaction Fee
    • already implemented on-chain
  2. Council will propose together with the selection of collators to allocate 1,000 CFG per collator per cycle (1 month), to be minted
    • if collators fall below 90% of the average block production time over a cycle, the council will propose to cancel the reward for that cycle and potentially also to remove this collator from the set

Are the collators of the first batch already selected?
Where can we get an update about where is the process at right now? :slight_smile:

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Good day Delamain
The First 5 collators are still not selected due to migration from stand-alone chain to Polkadot and delay with migration.
We will announce the first 5 collators on the forum and in discord.


Hopefully you announce this in the Centrifuge Announcements Telegram group as well. :slight_smile:

Good day TheMarcus
Sure! I will announce this news in TG group as well.

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TY @ImdioR! Much appreciated. :handshake:

Hey @ImdioR. Any news to share on the collator selection process for Centrifuge / Altair? It’s been about 2 weeks so I thought I’d check in to find out where things stand.


Good day TheMarcus
Did you miss our announcement about Collators that was posted a few days ago?

  1. Discord
  2. Update to Altair Collator Selection Process
  3. https://twitter.com/altair_network/status/1524755243040481281
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I see them now, but I rely on the Centrifuge Announcements Telegram group for updates. You mentioned above that you would announce these things there as well. Will that be the case moving forward?

So many communication channels these days. It’s tough to check them all constantly.

Thank you for your reply TheMarcus
Once the first Collators will be selected we will announce this news on the Announcement channel.

By the way, this news was announced in the main telegram group as well :

Each day we publish a lot of news in our TG, Forum, and Discord . In the Announcement channel, we publish only major updates/changes (and once Collators will be selected this news will be published there as well).

We can not use the Announcement channel in telegram for each news in our ecosystem.
In any case, I would like to invite you to join our Discord server due to the fact, that the Telegram channel in the future will be used less or probably could be closed.
In section #collators you will find all essential info and all updates related to collators.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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Sounds good. I’m actually in the Centrifuge Discord as well. But I’m also in like 200 other Discords too. It’s like a FT job trying to keep up with all of them. :grin:

But I totally understand. Will pay more attention to it moving forward. Thx Ivan.

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Once any solution will be released for Collators i will take it as my task to ping you! I swear! :sunglasses:

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Please don’t ping him! If he is active in 200 Discord-channels he must be mad already from the “Pings” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


lol. All good, Ivan. I will being paying closer attention to the Centrifuge Discord. I swear. I’m currently minimizing Discord distractions by deleting Terra Ecosystem groups. :cold_face: :sob:

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Hello all! After some discussion, the council will propose the following initial set of five collators:

  • Polkadotters
  • Good Karma
  • Pathrock Network
  • Staking4All
  • Staker Space

The primary criteria used for selection was a good reputation in the Centrifuge, Dotsama, and validator communities as well as a high number of era points indicating stable block production. Applicants who applied before the April 1st deadline were given preference as long as they met the primary criteria.

(@Yarosl6 was also an applicant within this deadline, however he has decided to relinquish his spot in the first batch)

A collator onboarding guide will be communicated shortly, which will include details of minimum AIR self bond and prerequisite steps collators must take. For other applicants, Altair will continue to add more collators to the network after this first five so please stay tuned!

Original post: Update to Altair Collator Selection Process

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Collator Onboarding Guide
Congratulations to those selected to the first set of collators! Below is a collator onboarding guide that explains prerequisite steps for new collators and governance actions that the council will need to make, at this stage the minimum self bond will be 100,000 AIR. Collators in the first set must report to telemetry by May 27th.

Collator Requirements

Instance Resources

  • At least 4vCPU
  • At least 16GB RAM
  • At least 500GB SSD

The first set of five collators for Centrifuge chain has been selected! Below is a collator onboarding guide that explains prerequisite steps for new collators and governance actions that the council will need to make. Please ensure that you have a minimum of 30,000 unlocked CFG available for the self bond.

The first set of 5 collators selected for Centrifuge chain:
-moonli. me

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