Bling Series 1 | quintillions?

Assets #43 and #44 in this pool are listed in the asset list with corresponding amount of DAI to the tune of 73 Quintillion.

I’m trying to make sense of what this means.

My understanding of these asset lists was that they are meant to provide perfect transparency into the assets in each pool, in much the same way that one might look into all of the individual mortgages in a CMO. Whereas you might have a very hard time figuring out whats packed into a CMO, Tinlake makes it easier (in theory) to get a granular view. There appear to be limitations on that granularity that stop at duration and amount of each collateralized obligation. Not withstanding, quintillions throwing me a bit off course on any assumptions I might have had.

@DIXON Yes, this is an UI issue which is fixed going forward. These are also not financed assets, just locked NFTs. I think they also have been unlocked by now.

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@denniswell quick question for you, no harm meant by it, but it sounds as if you are speaking on behalf of an authority voice (“fixed going forward”), but your trust level on platform is basic.

More for my edification, not so much a challenge. Trying to get a better lay of the land over here .


yeah, fair point. I am working on Product for Centrifuge. See the team here: Centrifuge

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