Are bullet loans the only assets that can be onboarded?

I have seen mentioned that the NAV model in the contracts only handles bullet loan structures at the moment.

Are amortizing loans able to be used in tinlake pools as RWA collateral? If so, how does the payment schedule get structured for the pool?

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Tinlake only supports bullet loans, that is correct. Pools on Centrifuge chain are built to allow different loan types. The first release will only ship with bullet loans but adding more loan types will be a much simpler update.


Thanks @lucasvo! So does this mean that Asset Originators who do amortizing loans for their customers (e.g. car loans repaid monthly over 2 years) aren’t eligible to be onboarded in pools yet?

Implementing this loan structure on Ethereum would lead to pretty horrendous gas fees so yes onboarding these until we’re live on Centrifuge Chain wouldn’t make sense. This is happening very soon though.