Altair snapshot block

The block that will be the basis for the Altair snapshot is 6650475.

The calculation is available at wolfram alpha

There are four steps to this calculation:

  1. Divide the block hash by 2^256. This gives us a number between 0 and 1 (in this case, approximately 0.8).
  2. Multiply that number by 28800, the number of blocks in the snapshot range. This gives us a number between 0 and 28800 (in our case, about 24104.5)
  3. Remove any digits after the decimal point
  4. Add the first block in the snapshot range, giving a value between 6626371 and 6655171. This gives us our final result of 6650475.

For the more technically inclined, the same logic is also implemented in python and javascript, and has given the same result.



I was wondering, now that Altair is bidding in the second round of Kusama parachain auctions, will there be a second or updated CFG snapshot taken towards Altair airdrop eligibility before the end of the second round?

Or alternatively, would the governance team consider this as an option, perhaps using the OR of the two snapshots?

Thank you.

Hi Tisme!

the details (such as the rewards ratio or an eventual bonus for “early birds”) for the upcoming second crowdloan for Altair haven’t been published yet by the team.
Please keep your eye on the official channels for updates and announcements

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Hi Tjure,

Thank you for your reply. I will keep an eye out for Altair’s announcements.

What I wanted to ask though is a bit different: besides the Altair crowdloan on Kusama, is there any chance there would be a second snapshot of CFG holders for an AIR airdrop, related to the second round of Kusama parachain auctions?

Thank you!

I dont think that is going to happen.

The AIR airdrop is not related to the AIR rewards you will be able to gain voting for AIR in the parachain auction.

Changing the rules afterwards would be unfair for those who decided to keep CFG onchain early on because of the snapshot…


Hi Tisme.

I don’t know if this is technically possible and honestly I doubt this should be done at all. It wouldn’t be fair to the participants in the first round of the crowdloan and - as @Ritskes already mentioned - to those investors who held their CFG onchain in July

Nonetheless I hope you lease your KSM for the upcoming parachain auctions for AIR. They will start very soon and the competition is strong!

Because (similar to regular polls) “every KSM counts” :wink:

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Hi @Tjure07 and @Ritskes,

Thanks for your replies, understood. I didn’t want to imply unfairness to the first round participants, more was hoping that a second snapshot would be possible as an additional action (not taking away from the first round people), but I understand tokenomics distributions are planned in advance.

In that case, congratulations to everyone who found out early enough and best of luck for the Kusama parachain auction. I’m still doing my planning for the 2nd round but am likely to be in for Altair.

[Edit: seeing how the Telegram is these days, I suppose any change could offend someone :sweat_smile: So good luck with all that too.]


he block that will be the basis for the Altair snapshot is 6650475 .
Timestamp Sep 2, 2021, 11:48:30 AM
link: Polkascan · Explorer

which means everyone who held the CFG token on pokodot wallet before Sep 2, 2021, 11:48:30 AM will get the reward…

No, you got the wrong Blockchain. The snapshot you provided is from Polkadot :wink:

Here is the right block on Centrifuge