Altair Crowdloan: Heavyweight Bonus Winners!

Awesome and Thanks for the update, Cassidy! This will make many crowdloan-investors very happy :slight_smile:

Thank you Cassidy for fast update !

Wonderful - thanks for sharing! Is the list sorted from highest to least contributed KSM (i.e. is it possible to see the top 333 contributors from the list)?

Exciting. Another NFT for the collection :star_struck:

Hi Rhano

This ist just an overview and the details on the NFT-rewards will be announced soon. It may take some time to finish it. Stay tuned


Exciting news, Thank you for the update.

Dear Cassidy,

I just wanted to say that I was one of the heavyweight investors loaning 10 KSM but my wallet address is not on the list.
Can u help please?
Many thanks

Hi Martin. Only the first 1500 contributors received the heavyweight bonus. It is possible you contributed too late to be amongst the heavyweight winners

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Thanks for the reply. Is there an indication as to when that time passed?


Yes, after the first 1500 contributors :wink:

I don’t know the exact date and time when the heavyweight bonus ended but maybe @ImdioR can give you the dates

Do we know when we will be able to claim our NFT & AIR (from the crowdloan) via polkadot.js? Thanks.
I have been to Centrifuge: Real World DeFi and the polkadot.js but I don’t see where I can claim them.

According to someone on Discord, it has not happened yet but should happen soon.

@Tjure07 I already read your post about the AIR from the snapshot. Thank you again for those explanations.

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Hi bitm00n.

No recent update on the NFTs for the heavyweight winners from the crowdloan but the team is working on the preparation. If you are eligible and on the list of the 1500 first heavyweights - Congratulations! Just wait for news and check the official channels.

Glad I could help with the article :wink:

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Hi, yes exactly.
Team is working. Soon will be possible to claim AIR for KSM crowdloan. Stay tuned with us!

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thank you for your replies @Tjure07 and @ImdioR

Hey @cassidy, a few common questions I’m seeing re: this bonus:

  1. Do we have a timeline yet for when people can expect to get the NFTs?
  2. Is this contingent on Altair’s NFT studio being completed before distribution?
  3. Will they be airdropped or do they need to be claimed?



are you checking Kusama address or Altair address? I first went to Altair chain after i claimed AIR and then went here and by default was trying to find my AIR address in the list of heavy contributors and obviously i failed until i realised i need to check KSM address

How are you guys getting on with the distribution of the RMRK NFTs? :eagle:

The team is in talk with Remark (the creator of the NFTs) and will give an update soon on the heavy weight bonus.
Most likely when it comes to the distribution of the NFT everyone needs to provide a valid Kusama-address but all details will be announced in time


The NFTs for the 1500 heavyweight bonus winners arrived! Everyone can check his NFT-items by searching for the Kusama-address which was used for the Altair-crowdloan (links below):

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Bonus for the top 333 contributors is also now available. :star_struck:

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