NFT as heavyweight bonus

Just allocated +10 KSM to Altair today when I heard about the NFT bonus without actually doing a deeper research into what it actually implies and how it rewards us (not blaiming anyone but myself here).

After reading the articles I could find about it, it actually left me a bit more confused.

Is there anyone who is more into NFT’s, and this one in the bonus in particular, who can sum up what functionality it actually has - other than looking pretty, which is nice, but not really important to me.

It’s also called “Limited edition” which actually is the lowest tier of the ones available as far as I could tell, but nevermind that, I basically just want to understand what utility it has to me/us (i.e. what’s in it for me/us? Can I/we sell it at some point? If yes, where?)


If you’re eligible for the bonus then you’ll get an NFT as a reward, whether it has value really depends on the secondary market but the details that are available can be found here RMRK and Altair collaborate for Kusama Auctions with limited edition NFT | by Kate Beecroft | Altair Network | Sep, 2021 | Medium