Altair Crowdloan: Heavyweight Bonus Winners!

Congratulations to the bonus winners! Here is the list of the winners of the heavyweight bonus :point_down:

This is the list of the first 1500 contributors that locked 10 or more KSM to Altair’s crowdloan! These winners will be receiving a limited edition RMRK NFT :eagle: more details in our post here.

Remember, The top 333 contributors will receive premium limited edition NFTs which give the owner access to special features on Altair if equipped on a Kanaria bird!

Stay tuned for more information on receiving your NFTs!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Altair Crowdloan - now that we won auction #9, we can’t wait for what’s next!


Awesome and Thanks for the update, Cassidy! This will make many crowdloan-investors very happy :slight_smile:

Thank you Cassidy for fast update !

Wonderful - thanks for sharing! Is the list sorted from highest to least contributed KSM (i.e. is it possible to see the top 333 contributors from the list)?

Exciting. Another NFT for the collection :star_struck:

Hi Rhano

This ist just an overview and the details on the NFT-rewards will be announced soon. It may take some time to finish it. Stay tuned


Exciting news, Thank you for the update.