Adjustment of Altair collator rewards

Yeah, in case of Altair I think poor performance can be fine. However, outages are not and that’s something that is really hard to prevent if you run on VPS.

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We’ve not had any outages with our VPS on Contabo thus far. Service has been good and reliable.

But I agree, it’s best not to be on a VPS if possible.

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StakeCraft agrees with you @pmensik
You have our vote.

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A block reward was proposed for centrifuge parachain, as far as I can tell the same hasn’t been proposed for Altair? Maybe this can be implemented for Altair collators as part of the solution

That would be interesting to know as it is probably an ideal solution. On the other hand, Altair collators kinda struggle with low rewards for the last couple of months and they have never actually been profitable so I would be afraid whether this can be done in some reasonable timeframe.

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The plan is to implement the same mechanism on Altair as described in this reply.

Meanwhile, I personally think it makes sense to adjust the rewards until it is implemented on Altair as long as the rewards are made manually as monthly Treasury proposals on Altair.

cc. @pmensik @pathrock @n1trog3n @TheMarcus @Ilhan


Seems like a worthy solution to at least discuss further.

Good day TheMarcus
Agree with your point.

I think that the best way is to agree on the amount first that will be proposed to Altair Collators.
And Altair Collators will decide if they will accept or not yet with the proposal.

Without a clear and precise amount, I think will be hard to make a decision.

Hello, so I have prepared a spreadsheet that calculates an average price for a collator. Now it accounts for $150/month which is pretty reasonable given what collators stated here in this chat.

Also I would suggest calculating a 90-day price average for AIR and basing rewards on that - and re-evaluating every 90 days so the rewards stay the same no matter the cost of the AIR token.

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Diky! As you recommended, could you please insert a column for the average AIR-token price too?

@Ilhan can you please add your approximate costs for running a node in the spreadsheet?

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Hey, sorry for the late reply and thanks for the ping.

I just requested access to the excel sheet.
But our machine cost ~48 usd. I agree to the maintenance price, not sure what the fixed price entails?

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Hey, I added a comment regarding the Fixed costs (I gave you edit rights to the sheet). Regarding the price of your collator, I based your total according to the comment you made so feel free to adjust it

So, happy new year to everyone! :slight_smile:

I updated the sheet with AIR 90-day average price (currently being 0.0098) which makes an average validator monthly operational costs around ~15k in AIR tokens.
The way to see the average price is to go to Trading View, select Indicators and search for Visible Average Price. Then just select 3M in the bottom left corner of the graph and you should see the average price for three months.
So looks like we have all the information that is needed for the proper proposal, where should we move from here?
For the sake of clarity, here is the sheet.

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Happy New Year! :partying_face:

I’m not sure how this compares to OpenGov on Kusama, but is there a required amount of days we need to allow the RFC to play out before submitting a proposal to the Council?

Happy New Year @The_Phunky_One_Lucky!

Right now, the monthly Altair Collator rewards are made with (five individual) Treasury proposals.

However, the plan is to automate this process so the rewards are paid out automatically from the Altair treasury (like this proposal for Centrifuge - just without minting the tokens). I don’t know the ETA for this.

But to answer your question; RFCs should run for minimum 7 days before proceeding. However, this does not apply for Treasury proposals (which this would be right now).

If you want to proceed with this proposal, I suggest to update this RFC with specific values in the first post; mainly the new amount + time frame for re-evaluation of this amount. And also make sure that all collators are on board with this. cc. @pmensik


Awesome! I appreciate the helpful response, Rhano. :handshake:

Big fan of governance in general, and I look forward to being more involved as Lucky Friday gets integrated into the Altair/Centrifuge ecosystem :ballot_box:


Great conversation going on here and I like the involvement of many collators in this proposal! :clap:

As @Rhano already posted the creator of this proposal @pmensik should decide how to proceed and all proposed parameters should be considered


You’re welcome mate!

Yes, Governance is one of the key pillars of any project and ours is constantly evolving to adapt our needs. We constantly aim to improve it to find the right balance between efficiency, robustness and user-friendliness.

At some point, we also have to discuss OpenGov. I would personally like to see it play out on Kusama (and soon Polkadot) before taking a stance.

Looking forward to your engagement and glad to have you here!

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