RFC: Add a block reward and improve Collators cycle

I strongly believe that too and thus fully support this proposal :clap:

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As @ImdioR already mentioned to discuss the possibilities for increased rewards on Altair a separate RFC is needed to openly discuss all pros and cons with experts and devs.

The link to the Altair governance can be found below


Thanks a lot for your comments, now it’s pretty clear!


Instead of other staking rewards, the inflationary emission will now be granted to collators that stake 30,000 CFG. Sound right?

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Good day SYZ
First of all, thank you for your feedback during the Governance call!

The staking pallet was not developed yet (The Team initially supposed that this pallet will be developed by some parachain or Parity, but never happened yet. But if this pallet will be developed I think that the Team could implement it in the future to add more token utilities).

The inflationary emission will fund the Treasury and Collators.
In accordance with this proposal, each Collator will earn 16.5 CFG each epoch, 33 CFG daily, 1000 CFG monthly.


By the way, there are already a few staking pallets like one developed by Moonbeam (and utilized successfully by many projects and becoming kind of a standard) or LDPoS by Kilt that is for instance used by Amplitude/Pendulum. So just wanted to point out that there are already some options in the ecosystem.

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Moonbeam like Astar developed EVM staking pallet.

I can’t find the staking via polkadot.js

These are currently used within the KILT protocol, and Moonbeam.
*I dont know the full scope of the parachains pallet yet,
but will continue to update the issue with more information as time goes on.

Hmm, Moonbeam actually developed parachain-staking pallet that is completely independent of EVM. The list of projects using it I am aware of from top of my head

So like I said, I believe that Moonbeam`s parachain-staking pallet is the most used collator selection mechanism out there together with simple collator-selection from Parity. As a side note, Astar/Shiden don’t have staking at all, they have simple Aura consensus and dApp staking product.

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Yes, OAK, Bifrost, Zeitgeist, using Moonbeam staking pallet.

# Moonbeam Dependencies
pallet-parachain-staking = { git = "https://github.com/OAK-Foundation/moonbeam"

P.S.Manta, Zeitgeist, OAK some of them still should win the slot on Polkadot? :slight_smile:

Talking about Centrifuge staking as i know, once the solution will be fully ready with simple integration the Centrifuge Devs will integrate and deploy the staking pallet. :innocent:
The working time and efforts that should be dedicated to this task are definitely out of the actual developing list.

Yeah, I am definitely not saying you should implement it, I am just saying that a “standard” solution is already out there and other parachains are using it as well.

  • Oak just won a slot
  • Bifrost already has one
  • Zeitgeist will stay on Kusama AFAIK
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I think @mikiquantum could bring more light on the staking pallet and “standard” and ready solution

Yes, out of the 3% emission, a portion goes to the collators (16.65 CFG/collator per epoch) - the rest goes into the Treasury.

Hey everyone,

Just a few thoughts and hopefully clarification on the questions that have been asked.

  • Altair will implement the same reward mechanism, but the funds instead of minted (inflation - 3% yearly) they will be pulled from the treasury, that is already funded.
  • Most of the relevant parameters (collator reward … etc) will be configurable by governance
  • Regarding the Staking pallet, to be clear, we will adopt the staking pallet that is more widely used by the community, and parachain-staking seems that is going in that direction, for a more complex solution, that users can stake easily, see rewards and state it will require UIs, performance, audits etc. We are evaluating this constantly and we will propose a long term solution for voting as soon as we have the bandwidth to research and build an educated decision about this.

All the best,


Thank you for the clarification.

As an Altair collator myself, I support the idea of creating a separate topic where we’d be able to discuss about the Altair collator block rewards.

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ah thanks for clarifying - very much appreciated.
Looking forward to the progress regarding the implementation of the parachain-staking pallet.

will definitely support this proposal as others have already stated it’s a reasonable approach and rewarding collators so they are able to operate and maintain servers should at least be covered cost wise, else they might turn to cheaper / lower speced machines which can harm the network.

will also follow and looking forward to the extension of the external collator set for Centrifuge

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Good day Pathrock, thank you for your comment and feedback.
As I know the Team already started working on an extension of the Collator set.

If you have time I would like to invite you to read, participate and comment on this article:

We want to hear your feedback :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

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This Proposal has been submitted to the Proposal Repository on Github so it is now final.

Link to proposal on GitHub: cps/CP6.md at main · centrifuge/cps · GitHub

There are no changes made to the initial proposal:

  • Implement a block reward to Centrifuge Parachain
  • Improvement of Collator Reward Cycle

The proposal has now moved on to snapshot vote.

Thanks, everyone!

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Hello Community! :raised_hand:
The snapshot vote for this proposal has passed.

Voted: 4.96M CFG
Voters: 30

We will keep the community updated on the progress here in this post.
Thank everyone for voting and for participating.