2022-12-1 | Centrifuge Community Call 23 (18:00 CET / 12:00 ET)

:loudspeaker: Centrifuge Community Call - Why We Are Confident!!! :fire:

Join Cassidy and Colin, plus Sam from Bloccelerate for a boost of Centrifuge-centric positivity!!! :man_surfing:

In this Centrifuge Community Call we’ll talk with @cassidy and @ctcunning about why we’re confident about changing the world of finance.

We’ll have Centrifuge OG and supporter Sam from BloccerateVC join to share about being a crypto forward fund, observations about the market and, of course, Centrifuge.

Feel free to bring your questions and opinions :crystal_ball:

We’ll also check in on important activities in the Centrifuge Ecosystem so you can stay up to date :cyclone:

Thursday 1 Dec
18:00 CET/12 ET

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A very interesting change of perspective to have insights into the daily business of a crypto fund :clap:

As well we all know why Centrifuge is changing the world of finance but it is good to have a “reminder” for the ones who still don’t know it :grinning:

Good day.

Oh… Yes, i have a couple of questions for Sam:

  • When a VC is invested in a project and/or a start-up at an early stage, how does the potential evaluation of the token and the theoretical evaluation of the profit of the VC take place?

  • Not all investments are successful, especially in the crypto world. What is the percentage of successful/unsuccessful investments?

  • How to make the VCs more involved in the life and development of the project?

  • What is your most successful project (investment)?


It’s clear that the traditional world and people do not have enough knowledge about crypto, DeFi, Centrifuge.

  • How we can expand our knowledge in our day? Should we do this?
  • What is the most crypto-friendly and at the same time crypto educated country in your opinion?
  • Latin America is one of the promising regions for DeFi, loans, and borrowers.
    Do you think Centrifuge should look to Latin America or is the lack of regulation and lack of legislation at this stage blocking any development initiative in this direction?

Good day @SYZ
I wrote a few questions for you above. If you will be able to respond to some of them would be great!
Thank you in advance!

We’ll try to get them in the agenda - thanks @ImdioR !

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