First, and the most prospective example is that Altair could be used to finance sustainable, or any other type of bonds.

As of 2021, the size of the bond market (total debt outstanding) is estimated to be at $119 trillion worldwide and $46 trillion for the US market, according to Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA).
Sustainable bonds specifically could bring a lot of attention to Centrifuge/Altair.

Secondly – advertisement invoices. Popular content creators on YouTube/Instagram or other social medias usually got their advertisement schedule filled for months ahead, so that would be very attractive for them to get their advertisement invoices financed. Also if one agency would use Altair for financing invoices this could massively spread the world. Same goes for design studios invoices, architect studios invoices and many others.

This may be similar to what GIG Economy Pool do, but I think it could be much bigger than that.



Hey these are some great ideas appreciate the post :slight_smile: would you mind submitting this on Twitter with #YourWildestAssets, that way you’ll be entered into the competition!

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@vozlomytel great ideas about how to use Altair. I think that advertising invoices (and mobile gaming invoices) that have the major Internet companies as counterparties are very interesting. If the content creators are individual influencers or microbusinesses, then they fall within the scope of the GIG Pool. We will likely roll out a program for social media influencers and creators very soon. However, if we are talking about large ad agencies and big mobile gaming companies that want to accelerate their receivables from large Internet companies like Google, then that probably falls outside the scope of the GIG Pool even though it is a great category. Check out FastPay, which was recently sold to AvidXchange. They focus on digital advertising payment advances similar to what you are describing: (AvidXchange Welcomes FastPay as an AvidXchange Company, Extending Its Vertical Expertise Within the Media Industry). Good luck and go make it happen!


Same here. Love the idea that all of this could happend on Altair and very excited about it’s potential growth with this kind of stuff.

Cool examples @vozlomytel

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