Ideas for new assets to finance on Altair

Some random ideas I had for unconventional assets (maybe not even realised assets yet?) that have value in some form:

  • Weddings as NFTs (experience memorabilia and art)
  • Woodland / forestry (for conservation or recreation)
  • R&D tax credits (government tax rebates for investing in innovation)
  • Collectibles (comic books, stamp or coin collections) or portfolio of them
  • The arbitrage between the value of a leased commercial property and its bricks-and-mortar value (currently un-financeable, I’ve tried!)
  • Wine collections
  • Brewery recipes / franchise
  • Licencing or other franchising model
  • Student loan re-financing based on post-graduation achievements
  • Pets
  • End-of-life care
  • Carbon-neutral upgrades for homes (up-front investment to meet a standard, in form of NFT certificate, then savings on running costs to follow)
  • Time! Most precious commodity (maybe investment into leveraging digital personal assistants)

Would love to experiment with some of these, or any others – comment below or reach out if you wanna explore!

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This is awesome!!!

cc @cassidy and @Ash - could some of these ‘unconventional assets’ be collaterized on Altair?

Although not sure about ‘pets’ - can you talk me through how this would work? Would you get an valuation for your cat (higher valuation for cats with attitude, lower for cats that bite…? :smiley_cat:) etc?

I would definitely want to invest in a pool of woodlands or land preservation funds! Some good ideas here :slight_smile: Who would want to start a wine fund?

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The wine fund combined with brewery franchise sounds pretty interesting. The big breweries and liquor companies already start to shake in their pants :wink:

I like the carbon-neutral idea too. Sounds very promising for the next decades of increasing environmental protection

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If you ask me, I really like the idea of tokenizing on blockchain the energy sector curtailing the inefficiencies, and help optimize the system process and hence the ultimate output. Certainty, the energy industry which is age long lived needs to be adopt to new alternatives of approach and I guess blockchain can help achieve these to a larger extents. The energy spectrum is wide spread and each step towards it being tokenised will be big transformation changing the whole new game. Renewables source such as solar energy or wind energy can instigate if for sure. Plenty of room to exploit here itself. @lucasvo can you really share your thoughts on renewables solar energy being deployed in real sense on ground (be it funding or REC or energy produced (kWh) etc being tokenisation? Can we really challenge the status quo and break the barriers?

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Problem with unconventional assets is that pricing and risk assessment and management is even harder than what’s currently on Tinlake.

Also onboarding unconventional assets on Altair is as costly and complex as ‘hard’ assets on Tinlake using Centrifuge. Perhaps this improves in the future of course.

I get it’s a brainstorm session but I find it hard to believe e.g. a wine collection should be tokenized and be used as collateral. And if it were to be, why not deploy on Centrifuge which is more “proven” and more secure.

In my opinion, the real world (hard) assets meets defi part should be on Centrifuge (Polkadot). And it’s important to differentiate Altair clearly from Centrifuge, since unconventional financing on Altair might attract bad actors and damage the reputation of Centrifuge.

If I were to decide, I would use Altair to target the crypto enthusiast and in now way anything related to the real world financing. For example, Altair can leverage the existing codebase for lending with collectable NFT’s as collateral.

Edit: Perhaps it’s an idea to also have an auto liquidating feature if interest / annuity is not paid on time, and automatically auction the NFT (candlestick style because hey Polkadot/Kusama), this give the lender an opportunity to buy it back. Other NFT markets could integrate those auctions within their dApps, and hereby Altair gets more transactions which are necessary for funding the treasury for upcoming parachain auctions.

If you see how much value is currently locked up in collectables, I can imagine having the possibility to hold onto your collectable while not having all that value locked up is something valuable. An additional benefit is that expensive collectable NFT’s are generally held by whales, and it could work as an on ramp for whales to use Tinlake on Centrifuge as well.

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There might be a business case there with the woodlands.

Big corporates are increasingly doing their best in the CSR space, with greenwashing as a large problem in the space. With a woodlands pool, businesses can invest in the pool and hand out a NFT of a piece of woodland to the customer with every sale, or show it on a special page on the website how many trees are planted all backed by the blockchain. Or bridge those tree NFT’s to Decentraland, and we have a virtual forest keeping the actual trees alive.

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This company might be interesting one for your trees as collateral idea.