Tinlake - Centrifuge (CFG) big part of crypto future

Continuing the discussion from RAD token price prediction and tokenomics:

Tinlake - Centrifuge (RAD) those guys will be the solution for when fiat finally goes away.
I see them as the next necessary step toward decentralization and a world that’s reliant on crypto per say.

Real World Assets tokenized in to collateral with NFT’s. ( And I mean anything you can think of, can be turned in to a NFT, or eventually everything)
These NFT’s tokenize the obligation of the buyer to pay the supplier.
Also I see insurance being part of this somehow.
Don’t forget they have a liquidity pool which I will definitely be taking part of.
(Centrifuge is a proof of stake blockchain built on Substrate)

Also would like to see what y’all think about RAD long term.


Pretty accurate, Stephan274. Especially the insurance part might be a huge step forward in decentralization. I like the idea of decentralized insurance although I am not expert enough to tell how this could be implemented into Centrifuge. :wink:


I agree with your position about NFT!


lots of work to do for the team :slightly_smiling_face: