RWA Markets Issuer Policies & Procedures

RWA Markets Issuer Policy

The purpose of this document is to cover the policies and procedures that will be used to govern the operation of the RWA Markets (“RWAM”). In order to facilitate smooth pool operations, RWA Markets (“RWAM”) expects a regular cadence of action items with issuers, consisting of the following:

Weekly Action Items

  1. RWAM rebalances its allocations across the Issuer Pools (“Pools”) once per week, on Tuesday afternoons (ET). The rebalancing order of operations will be:

  2. free up capital to meet Depositor redemptions requests

  3. reduce holdings to comply with pool parameters

  4. restrict deployments to within a target marketplace utilization rate

  5. fulfill Issuer funding requests

  6. RWAM asks Issuers to submit their funding requests by Monday at 12:00pm (ET). Issuers should notify RWAM in the Issuer’s respective RWAM Issuer Slack Channel of their initial funding request for execution Tuesday late afternoon.

  7. RWAM will provide allocation estimates to Issuers by Monday evening (ET). Allocations will be made at the time of rebalance (late Tuesday). Issuers may engage in dialogue and adjust their funding requests before the Tuesday rebalance.

  8. RWAM will give each Issuer Etherscan transaction confirmations for the gas fee and purchase price of their DROP.

Daily Action items

  1. Google Sheet: RWAM shares a read-only live Google Sheet with all Issuers that shows the overall pool balance, the amount that has been borrowed by Issuer, and the amount available to be borrowed by Issuer. The Issuer can use this Sheet to determine their weekly funding request.

  1. Invitation form to instantiate Slack invite for each issuer:

  2. Issuers are invited to ask questions to the RWAM team anytime via the designated Slack channel.

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