Runtime Upgrade 2 - Enabling Crowdloan Claiming

AIR Claims functionality is now live for crowdloan participants that locked KSM to the Altair crowdloan!

Users can head to Altair: Claiming to claim their AIR tokens. Make sure to have the polkadot.js extension installed and your relevant Kusama address selected and enabled on Altair.

We apologize for the delay on enabling the claiming feature. During our upgrade to Substrate version 0.9.12, Altair runtime stopped producing blocks. The main reason was that the inclusion of Migrations on the Substrate Vesting Pallet in v0.9.11. Since Altair has significant amount of Vesting schedules, around 4k, the collator was not able to produce a block within the 0.5s mark and therefore got stuck trying.
We were not able to catch this during testing, since the storage trie in our test environment is smaller than Kusama/Altair even though we tested with the same data.
We will publish a post-mortem document describing the issue in detail in the upcoming days.

Thanks for your patience and understanding along the way!

So, what is next? AIR claims for CoinList users can be expected next week. Then the democracy and council upgrade can be expected 2 weeks from now - this will include the ability to stake towards council members, participate in on-chain votes, and also to submit candidacy as a council member! We will share more details for those not familiar with governance on Substrate soon.


Thank you for sharing the good news!

Instructions on how to claim your AIR rewards can be found here.

Happy claiming!

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