RFC: Updating Tinlake Rewards Allocation 2022-12

Good day Community!

Proposal type: CP-4
Authors: Governance and Coordination Group (@ImdioR @rhano)
Contributors: Governance and Coordination Group (@ImdioR @rhano)
Technical/non-technical proposal: technical proposal
Date proposed: 2022-12-16

Short Summary

  • Renewal of incentive rewards for the Tinlake

High-level objective

  • This proposal is for minting 1,800,000 CFG into the Tinlake rewards account. Keeping the same rewards rate for TIN,DROP, AO as before.


To date Total Rewards 23,821,073 CFG has been awarded to both AOs and LPs on Tinlake, currently, CFG 628,868 is available to be distributed to Tinlake investors, which means we are nearing the end of the current rewards allocation. With the current TIN/DROP Rewards Rate and TVL, these awards will last approximately for the next 35 days.

Despite the fact that Tinlake TVL decreased in the last 90 days, we would like to propose minting the same amount of CFG rewards. There are a few reasons for this:

  • The possibility of onboarding new pools. We would like to keep a small margin in order to cover any new onboarding or fast-increasing Tinlake TVL
  • Avoid reward deficit and guarantee regular rewards claiming for Tinlake investors.
  • Taking the governance process (off-chain and on-chain voting) into consideration

Detailed description of proposal

We would like to propose to mint and allocate an additional 1.8M CFG towards Tinlake liquidity rewards and keep the same rewards rate for TIN/DROP/AO (Council motion 18).

Approximatively an additional minting of 1.8M CFG with the current actual Rewards Rate and TVL will cover the upcoming rewards for the next 100 days from one side and will permit keeping inflation under 2.5% and remain responsive to any change to the external market conditions from another side.

Proposal Parameters

The proposal being put forward is the following:

1. Mint 1โ€™800โ€™000 CFG into the rewards account
2. Keep the same rewards rate for TIN/DROP at 0.0003 CFG
3. Keep the same rewards rate for Asset Originator rewards at 0.0000 CFG

Change or improvement

Mint approximately 1โ€™800โ€™000 CFG into the rewards account.


Alignment to the mission of Centrifuge DAO

Minting of requested tokens as rewards will help to support the overall goals and objectives of the protocol. For Lenders on Tinlake, this will provide an opportunity to earn a return on their investment, which in turn will ensure that borrowers can still access capital transparently and cost-effectively.

The RFC will be open for minimum 7 days.

Looking forward to any feedback and any concerns that you might have with this proposal.

Next steps

If this proposal passes all steps, it will take around 21-28 days for it to pass and the rewards will be minted shortly after.

If you have any questions or comments, please reply to this post.

Thank you for your attention.

Ciao Ivan!

I agree, to mint the proposed amount of CFG-rewards for Tinlake-pools. As you said it is important to keep the 4 new pools from @BlockTower in mind which will boost the TVL massively.

As the TVL is constant over the last weeks/months we cannot expect a certain drop of the TVL

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Good day Tjure07
Thank you for your feedback.

This proposal was discussed in the RFC here and has been submitted to the Proposal Repository on Github so it is now final.

Link to the proposal on GitHub: cps/CP21.md at main ยท centrifuge/cps ยท GitHub

This proposal, if passed, it will move this proposal forward to an on-chain proposal to

  • Mint approximately 1โ€™800โ€™000 CFG into the rewards account.

Do you agree with this proposal?

Please vote Yes or No.

The proposal has now moved on to an OpenSquare Snapshot.

:point_right: :point_right: :point_right: Please vote here: CP21: Updating Tinlake Rewards Allocation (2022-12)

The OpenSquare Snapshot will start 00:01 CET 27.12.2022 and be open for 7 days (until 03/01/2023 00:01 CET)

If passed, we will keep you updated when this proposal moves to an on-chain vote.

Thank everyone for participating and for the feedback provided.

Hello Community! :raised_hand:
The snapshot vote for this proposal has passed.

We would like to highlight that the Opensquare snapshot mistakenly was created with a Multiple choice instead of a Single choice. However, only one token holder voted both Yes and No (โ‰ˆ 16.38K CFG) so it did not affect the final result:

We will keep the community updated on the progress here in this post.
Thank everyone for voting and for participating.