Centrifuge Governance Call 13 | 2023-01-19 (18:00 CET)

Join us for the 13th Centrifuge Governance Call

When: 19th January 18:00 CET / 12 ET

Topics so far:

  • Governance summary: Referenda 25, 26 - Tinlake/RWA w @Rhano
  • Building an RWA Opportunity Hub w @ctcunning
  • RFC: Protocols fee - what should the percentages be and what should it be based on? w @lucasvo and @ImdioR
  • Special Discussion: RWA and the credit-based financing economy - is this ReFi?* w @akhan

Please add topics you would like to host and discuss as comments below (ie if you add a topic you will be expected to host the discussion on this topic)

JOIN, anyone is welcome to this Temporary Autonomous No Judgement Zone (TAJZ) :dove:

:point_right: Use the zoom link

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Moderated by Governance Facilitator @Rhano :cyclone: :man_surfing:


Awesome topics! Thanks for the invitation. Especially looking forward to the update on protocol fees and the special discussion on ReFi! :eyes:


This will be a great call for the new year! Looking forward to that!


:white_check_mark: proposal passed
:x: proposal not passed


Since last governance call:

:white_check_mark: Renewal RWA Market rewards proposal 2022-12
:white_check_mark: Updating Tinlake Rewards Allocation 2022-12


Since last governance call:

No proposals


:hourglass_flowing_sand: You can see all on-going proposals on both Centrifuge and Altair here .

This spreadsheet shows you what steps the proposals are at and which proposals require voting right now.

You can also see the history of all ended proposals - including voting data - by using the tabs in the bottom of the sheet.

The GCG will be making two proposals this month:

  • Founding Documents of the Centrifuge DAO
  • Protocol Fees
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Recording of Governance Call #13

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