Reliable YouTube resources for crypto research

Figured I’d start a topic about this as educating your self in any field or industry is very important!!

Here are some great youtubers that do real Crypto market research and don’t Schill coins!!

They just give facts

If anyone has any other good sources please post in here so we can all benefit!!
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Crypto Chico

To name a few
neone else have some good info sources post em up here!! Crypto is a huge emerging market and with all the FUD market manipulation
Phyco logical war fare in the media we all need good info sources!!

Unfortunately there are so many scammers on YouTube with regards to crypto these guys are being blocked unless you specifically search for them

@ bottom line don’t buy something just cause a guy on youtube says so do your research

  • who are devs what have they done b4
  • project live
  • competition
  • use cases
  • revenues
  • user base
  • we educate our selves as a community and pass the good words along to help educate others !!

Altcoin Daily also give some information but not in anyway as thoroughly researched as Chico Crypto.


Oh I did not know that

Well I was just saying out of all the crap out there the do pretty good research

Just trying to point people in right directions away from scammers

Please post who you think is good I’ll check them out I do watch others that I wouldn’t recommend like u know the Swedish pump guy :joy::rofl::rofl:


I removed them bro please post some other good ones im not trying to push intone special


What do you think sbout “The Cryptoviser”?


Crypto Daily is a good one. At least he’s got original material.


Altcoin Daily is just news but keeps you up to date.


Hey i would check out Defi Dad on youtube. He shows alot of the newer dapps and how to use them etc.
You already got chico crypto that would be my next recommendation. Why don’t you check out Tyler’s Telegram Moderator ‘Scotty P’ channel. I always learn something from his videos as well.

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To throw in my 2 pence worth I wouldn’t trust anyone who gets some sort of reward for promoting tokens, projects or exchanges to you. You can guarantee that any sort of ‘influencer’ is getting a kick back from what they are shilling.
My advice for what it’s worth is to do your own thorough research before investing in anything. However good your influencer of choice is, you should always carefully investigate what they are recommending. Check GitHub, white papers, any partnerships they have and read articles from reliable sources such as medium etc etc etc before parting with any money!

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100% agree
you tube is basically the only media outlet you can get any reliable info on crypto! That being there are only a small few that are honest reliable info and not schilling coins or trading platforms! Even with the few great impartial researchers listen and learn they can turn you on to some great projects with over 6000+ crypto projects no one Person can stay up on everything!! Don’t take there word for it though do your own research!! Personally I do crypto research daily. Bottom line listen and learn Then you fact check and verify!!

Another good youtube resource is
ScottyP crypto

  • credit were credit is due Tyler at crypto Chico turned me on to ScottyP

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That makes the list pretty short :slight_smile: Everyone who’s got many followers is bound to be paid to promote something, including Chico Crypto. I usually just skip anything people say about projects by whom they are paid. But for this reason I mainly try to follow smaller channels who don’t have any sponsors yet, as they are less influenced.


I love Scotty P too. He’s a super cool guy as well. I hope more people start watching him. He is the moderaltor on the Chico Crypto TG group too. If you like him also check out Crypto n Culture. Even try taking a look at my content, Dooby Cook.
I feel like I never have enough time to research crypto myself. I work full time and then spend the rest of my day doing crypto related things. I wish I had more time to make videos myself.


I’m following u doobs! I’m full time crypto starting basic educational videos soon maby we can have u on lol :laughing:


Crypto Casey is also decent mainly headline news

Coinbeauro Also gives a lot of deep insight and usefull nfo.


Just getting into Chico Crypto myself- thanks for the info.

Bit-Rush Crypto is a guy who seems to be honest in his assessments and tries his best to give pro’s and con’s of different offerings.

Another guy who seems to say things as they are is Dingle Crypto.

After that its a minefield trying to find fair, true info.

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Thanks for all the resources guys I will check out all of your recommendations! There is no news networks for us here in crypto so our community passes on the news and research to each other! Please leave likes at top of post if you found this info useful!
Lastly don’t believe anything you hear on you tube blindly! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!