Regulation of real assets

Hello. I have the following question. Can the person who wants to raise money from the pool put several real-world assets as collateral, right? Within this system, which country’s regulations are followed? For example, in Brazil, a person wouldn’t be able to tokenize a house as collateral. Does the Centrifuge system operate based on a specific country? And which assets can be tokenized as collateral?

Hello @thepablosantos

I think this is more for Institucionals (companies) and not for individuals. This is because Businesses or Asset Originators sets up a dedicate SPV(legal entity) to act as their issuer. And for some pools an issuer can have several different Asset Originators originating assets for a Centrifuge pool.

The current template for a general-offering structure was developed for US-based offerings but is continuosly being developed. Work is also being done to bring offering structures for other non-US jurisdictions.

It’s advisable to consult a lawyer if you want legal advice.

Assets Originators can finance real-world assets, such as invoices, mortgages, or streaming royalties that have a stable value, microlending, etc.