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Hi everyone.
I’ve been reading all available documentation and watching the videos in the official Youtube channel of Centrifuge and one particular piece of information that I think it’s important and I can’t find anywhere is what happens when things go wrong, let’s say the asset originator becomes a bad actor. The documentations clearly explains that the pool is managed by a SPV but the legal reaches of the SPV are not clear to me and I think an important document to comprehend this is the “operating agreement” but the link is broken:

Is the SPV really legally able to liquidate an asset?

In any case, I think the explanation of what happens when there’s major default by an asset originator should be available, clear and easy to find since I’ve been reading a lot of comments on the Youtube official videos wondering about this and even as criticism because people don’t really understand and begin very confidently to affirm “an NFT isn’t legally bound to an actual house, this is pointless” and stuff like that.


Hi EdVal. Thanks for your question

@Eli can you please comment on that?

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Hi Tjure,

Sure. I would happy to comment. Under the planned arrangements using an Indenture Trustee, the assets of the SPV would be pledged to the Trustee who acts on behalf of the tokenholders. In case of default, the trustee would enforce the pledge, take ownership of the assets and sell them. The proceeds from the sale would then be distributed to the tokenholders. The pledge provides the legal right to the Trustee to take ownership and the terms of the Indenture provide the legal rights of the tokenholders to receive the benefit of the liquidation.

This is a common process in the TradFi world and using Centrifuge protocol does not change the process other than that it will be tokenholders rather than bondholders. There is a more detailed explanation of this process here.


Thank you. That’s a really clear explanation and I think this information should be really present because it’s important.

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Greetings Tjure what are the procedures for being an asset originator after the access capital page .I want NFT my banking invoice on the platform… Thanx for your assistance

Hi Quantero.

A proposal for a new onboarding process is in the works and it will be published here in the forum soon.

In general you need to have a business proposal and more than one asset you want to finance. Pools in Tinlake are meant for SMEs.

Here is an overview on Tinlake and its terms