Propy Introduction

Hey everyone,

My name is Natalia and I’m the CEO of Propy, a global real estate marketplace with a decentralized title registry to improve the way people invest in, transact with, and finance real estate assets. Over the years, we’ve achieved significant milestones in real estate tokenization, establishing a robust framework that allows us to tokenize and auction a property linked to an NFT on-chain. We’ve experienced firsthand the complexities and inefficiencies of traditional real estate transactions. This has compelled us to seek innovative methods to streamline processes and increase accessibility to financing for real estate operators, hence why we want to introduce ourselves to the Centrifuge community :slight_smile:

Recognizing the inherent benefits of on-chain credit structuring, especially in terms of efficiency and transparency, we’ve set our sights on the Centrifuge platform. The promise of Centrifuge’s credit marketplace is compelling. Its combination of on-chain structuring for credit and an open marketplace creates a unique environment for both operators and investors, and we are eager to be part of this dynamic ecosystem.

Our aim with Centrifuge is twofold:

Network Advantage: Propy’s established connections within the real estate and investment worlds place us in a pivotal position. We have access to both seasoned real estate operators looking for financing and private/institutional investors eager for credible investment opportunities.

Driving Liquidity: While we are fully capable of matching operators and investors off-chain, we genuinely believe in the efficiencies offered by structuring credit on-chain. Moreover, by aligning with Centrifuge, we anticipate introducing a new pool of investors to the platform, connecting liquidity with opportunity.

In the coming weeks, we will be diving deeper into our proposal with a comprehensive Pool Onboarding Proposal (POP). While we are in the final stages of its preparation, we encourage questions, insights, or any feedback the Centrifuge community might have about Propy and our future collaborations.

We are optimistic about this partnership’s potential, and we look forward to working closely with Centrifuge and its vibrant community to redefine the future of real estate financing.

Warm Regards,


Hi Natalia, thank you for your introduction and welcome to our community.

If you haven’t already found it, I recommend to check the POP Information Center where you will find all the needed information about the POP, including a FAQ section.

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Thanks, Rhano! Yes, we are already familiar with the POP guidelines and posting it soon. Meanwhile, we are here to answer any questions regarding Propy and open to insights and feedback.

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Thanks for the intro and welcome! Looking forward to digging into the POP.

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Hello Natalia,

Welcome to the Centrifuge Community! Looking forward to reading through the POP

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just now learning about Propy but it seems like a fantastic partner for Centrifuge. Excited to read the POP when it goes live!

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Welcome to the community!

How did you find out about Centrifuge? And why you think it fits you the best?

Looking forward for the partnership.

As part of your POP proposal, kindly explain “decentralized title registry”. Most title registries, I understand, are traditional and very paper oriented. When I recently sold a property in Texas, I still needed a notary and the title company wanted to ensure my signature was the “same” every time I signed a piece of paper. I am interested to learn how a “decentralized title registry” works and in what jurisdictions.

How does Propy address any disconnection between the NFT and the title registry in the event of a dispute?