Pools for centrifuge

Hi, Actually i wam fetching the lending borrowing data for centrifuge. For that I need liquidity pool addresses for different tokens on centrifuge to access their smart contract through which the events are triggerred . Please provide me the same. Cant find on the documentation .

Hi @aanchal2182, is it these you are looking for?


In general, our forum is intended for discussion around RWAs and governance and not for support queries. If you need support, or want a place for more general discussion, please navigate to our Discord.

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Thank you for understanding.

thanks for replying. These addresses take me to centrifuge subscan. How can i fetch data from etherscan?
Plus i have joined the discord but they dont allow anyone to write in that channel.

Hi again, anyone who is verified can write in the Discord channels (just not post links) - you verify yourself in this channel here.

There is a Devs channel where you can post your queries.