Pool Update from Databased Finance

Happy August, Everyone!

A quick thank you for all your continued support of our pool of Online Seller inventory. While the recent crypto storms have caused profound changes in the landscape, we have shown that fair returns from real-world asset investments are one of the most stable of stable coin yield products.

Combined, our pool of Amazon sellers generates more than $100M in online sales annually, with our funder’s capital financing growth across all sellers we support.

Our pool has been deployed for over 18 months, so we have checked our initial assumptions against reality. One assumption jumped out; We expected the pool to generate yields of 6% when it is generating yields of 10%. The smart contract applies a discount rate based on anticipated yield, so we will be adjusting this number upward within the smart contract. The more observant followers of our pool will see a decrease in the value of TIN. All of our TIN holders have agreed to this change in the “accounting” setup of the smart contract and so we are in the change management queue for Centrifuge to update the settings.

We’re always able to put your funds to work as we have a long list of Online Sellers looking to join the community - so feel free to tell your friends about the pool.

Thanks again
The Databased Finance Team


@Stu Thank you for sharing this update and I look forward to reading more updates around your pool.

You mention the discount rate will change. What will your new discount rate be?

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Hi @sirj

It will be updated to match the current returns so an increase to 10%… This is really just an administrative change as Centrifuge have confirmed it won’t impact DROP holder returns (and we still hold all the TIN protection layer).


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Thank you @Stu for quick reply! That makes sense! :star_struck:

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The discount rate change to 10% has been implemented as discussed above.

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