Databased Finance DF1- Pool update 03-2024

Hi Everyone,

We are winding down the DF1 Pool. Please place your Redemptions for ALL your DROP and TIN tokens in the DF1 pool now.

Based on current information, there may be an impairment on the pool. If this remains the case by the end of the month, then we will protect DROP holders with capital from our balance sheet before the relevant NFT expires.

Thank you so much for being a part of the Databased Finance community through Centrifuge.


Thanks @SpaceCatMiaux for notifying the community. Is the asset in question asset 57 due April 7th?

Update: All DROP redemptions were placed and fulfilled prior to the remaining asset passing its due date. Pool is in a good state. :tada:

The remaining asset is wholly owed to the remaining TIN investors. Once the final payment is placed the pool will be made whole minus any amount that needs to be written down from the asset.

Current Pool State

As you can see below, the Senior tranche is down to 1 DAI, this is a technical error, the value of the tranche is must less and is from dust remaining in the pool. The price and yield should also show zero, but this is also an error due to remaining dust.

Remaining Asset

The final remaining asset is asset 57. The issuer has repaid most of the asset, when the outstanding amount is repaid by the issuer, it will go the TIN holder(s). Any sum not repaid by the borrower will be written down by the issuer.

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