Ouch! I'd love to increase my investment, but can't

If you’ve got funds invested in a pool and want to add more, too bad too sad, you can’t do so.

In order to increase your investment, you must first cash out your original investment (“collect your DROP”) then re-invest along with any top-up.

This discourages users from adding to their initial investment because one must pay gas fees to withdraw then re-invest the same (initial investment) funds.

A tweak to the protocol is urgently needed to facilitate investment top-ups without the need to redeem one’s initial investment.

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Why can’t you do that? Did you collect your DROP-tokens at first hand?

If you want to increase your investment in a single pool you can do so without withdrawing your whole investment. Otherwise the counter for CFG-rewards stops and the vesting period has to start again when you decide to re-invest.

At least that’s my understanding of the Tinlake protocol.

Here’s what Dennis of support told me yesterday: “The UI does not support yet to invest more before the previous investment has been collected…”

Hej Christian,

What do you mean: "Did you collect your DROP-tokens at first hand?”

Hi BLahar!

Of course Dennis is right. What he actually meant (If I understood him correctly) you need to collect your DROP-tokens from an open order (after an initial investment or when you increased your investment). Otherwise you cannot proceed with other transactions (e.g withdrawals). Your DROP-tokens have to be in the status “collected” (=in your web 3-wallet) before you can initiate another transaction in the pool

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So if I “collect” my DROP tokens my investment remains inside the pool? And do I have to “collect” my DROP tokens before my investment in the pool accrues interest? And do I have to “collect” my DROP tokens in order to collect my CFG rewards?

you need to collect your DROP-tokens to store them safely (in your external wallet) and to be able to make further investments/withdrawals.
You accrue interest on your DROP-tokens and receive CFG-rewards once the smart contract has executed your order

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I’ve reviewed the Investment Guide at https://docs.centrifuge.io/use/invest/. The guide is unclear; the Ouch! issues I raise here should all be explained in the Guide. I would be happy to work with the team on improving the Guide. (I have a background in journalism and copyediting.)


You are welcome to help! Very much appreciated

@Kate @denniswell : did you hear what @BLahar had to offer? :slight_smile:

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Hi Blahar,

Cool, would be great to get your input on this section of the guide. Anyone can actually submit proposed changes to our documentation but I think it would be good to have a chat about what changes you would propose based on your experience.

I’ll DM you :pray: :seedling:

Hej Kate,

I’m in Sweden; 10 PM here (Monday). What time zone are you in?

Let’s connect tomorrow (Tuesday). Are you OK if we DM on Discord?

If so, what is your Discord handle; mine’s zaatar.

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I can talk today at 3.30pm CEST?


Can’t at 330. How is 245?

Looks like you didn’t get my email; how is 2 PM tomorrow?

My discord ID is zaatar#4863

I added to my investment multiple times in multiple pools, but I always collected my drop tokens every time. Seems a no brainer despite gas fees ?

Hey, nothing comes up when i search that user handle

Anyway, today at 2 I’m in a meeting. Tomorrow in the team we have a meeting about how we’re going to work with community members to improve documentation so it would be good to talk after that.

As a start, could you give me an idea of what you’d like to see in the ‘Invest’ Section?

I’ve just posted a message “Kate?” on the “General” channel in Centrifuge’s Discord. Can you DM me in reply?