Access to yield Question

Hi Guys,

I have only recently spent time looking at CFG & am very impressed.

A question, I understand that the potential to collect your deposit early once it has been invested depends on the available liquidity, but what about the yield for lending, does that accumulate & become available for withdrawal after each epoch?

Thanks in advance.

Hi BlueVision. Thanks and welcome to the ecosystem!

If you are new to Centrifuge and Tinlake, I recommend to take a look into the user documentation where everything related to the protocol is explained in detail.

Technically, the interest is calculated and accrued every second. If the pool maturity and liquidity allows it, you could withdraw your investment (plus interest) at any time, at the end of each epoch

Thanks for the reply.

So can I only collect interest (and leave the principle invested) after each 30 days if there funds in the “Available Liquidity” pool?

You can collect/withdraw the earned interest and leave your initial investment in the pool. But there is currently a min. investment of $5K

Thanks for the reply - understood.

No problem. Please bear in mind as well the transaction fees for interacting with Ethereum in times of higher gas fees

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