Idea - Centrifuge Maker Investment Loop


An investor lends ETH to Maker. Maker uses the lended ETH to make DAI available to Tinlake AOs. When the lock up period expires, Maker keeps the APR for the term of the loan as reward. The Investor receives CFG as reward for lending and the original ETH is returned.

This may be attractive to Centrifuge Investors who are reluctant to convert their ETH to DAI. Also, the exchange of ETH “originating” within Maker to DAI closer to 1:1 and the absence of the pitfalls faced by a borrower present in a “conventional” Maker loan may encourage more TVL exclusively between Centrifuge and Maker.

This may provide an avenue for those who wish to invest in centrifuge (seeking CFG) but are unable to meet the current threshold of $5000. Thus, providing an opportunity for “strong handed CFG HODLers” versus those who simply want to purchase the token for flipping ie. “pump and dumpers”.

Centrifuge benefits from increased financing available.

Maker benefits by receiving APR from investments and holding locked ETH

Loaner/investor receives CFG as reward.

Stability incentivized by pairing the CFG reward rate with the length of lock up.

It may be possible to make this scenario of investment available to the Maker community as well. Mutual benefit ecosystem incentive.

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