Ledger question

I looked around the forums, but was not able to find an answer for the following:

I added my ledger to the polkadot.js.org website, and I noticed that it created a ledger address for the Centrifuge network. Without thinking I used this address for the bounty form.

Does anyone know if this will be sufficient. After thinking about it I noticed that there is not a Centrifuge app for ledger yet, or maybe it just will use the Polkadot app?

As long as the coins can go to that address it is all good. Not like I plan on selling this token. If anyone has answer for this it would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the advice in advance!

Update: If anyone else runs into it, it looks like right now it is best to just generate a new account, as the ledger app is not ready. It is better to transfer it later
when the ledger app is ready.


Great question, I am also wondering if anyone has the answer to this?

To add to your point, when I submitted my address for the bounty form, I used the injected wallet, then not sure if I was supposed if this was correct, I created a new wallet and resubmitted the bounty form. I am really hoping I don’t get disqualified for the bounty.

Wondering what everyone did when submitting for the bounty? I would love to hear what you guys did.


I had the same question and Lucas from Centrifuge answered, that the Ledger app is not supported yet but the team is working on it.
I personally wouldn’t recommend to use this address because, until the app is available, you don’t have access to your coins.
The Parity signer is a suggested method to safely setup a wallet address and store your RAD:


Parity singer looks great.
But you need an old, not used smartphone for cold storage.
Is there any user friendly polkadot project wallet out there at the moment?
Or can you use Parity Singer as wallet. But it isn’t just that safe if you don’t turn
it offline.
Thank you!


Thanks for the reply! As long as I can get my coins there, and get access to them when the app is ready it is not an issue for me. I am not selling this amazing project anyways. But I am concerned that I would never have access to it. I guess it might be a better idea to submit the form again with a generated address?

Thanks for the quick answer again :slight_smile:


You are right, as long the coins are transferred to your wallet which belongs to your account you are the owner of them. But frankly I would recommend to re-submit the form with another address to which you have access.
It is still unknown when the ledger app will be integrated for Centrifuge.


Yeah it is better to be safe than sorry. The moment I saw my ledger there I got over excited, and used that address lol. Hopefully this helps out anyone else that runs into this :slight_smile:


Same thing for me. That account is there. It will be nice when they get an app for this.

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Unfortunately the polkadot ledger app is not compatible with Centrifuge yet - so you will have to resubmit with an address that you created differently.


Thanks for the answer. I have already done so :slight_smile:

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