[Issuer] UrbanGate January 2024 Update & Thoughts on the Housing Market

Hello Centrifuge Community,

We are not yet an operating pool on Centrifuge, but we like to post our monthly updates that we send to our investors here in the Centrifuge Forum so that everyone can keep up with our loan progress in hopes that we can successfully launch a pool on Centrifuge in the future.

In terms of my thoughts on the housing market. Most analysts I follow are predicting the pricing of houses to remain stable over 2024 with the potential of some slight increases in the range of 3-4%. this is obviously very market specific though. I would agree that pending any black swan event housing should fair relatively well during 2024. The big thing to keep an eye on will be the labor market over the next 12-24 months.

Here is a link to our UrbanGate Monthly Investor Video Update

And here is a Google link to our Fund’s One Pager which shows all relevant details for our fund as of 12/1/23.