[Issuer] UrbanGate Capital August 2023 Update

Hello Centrifuge Community,

While we are not yet operating a pool on Centrifuge, we like to post our monthly updates that we send to our investors here in the Centrifuge Forum so that everyone can keep up with our loan progress in hopes that we can successfully launch a pool on Centrifuge in the future.

Here is a link to our UrbanGate Monthly Investor Video Update.

In addition here is our July 2023 Key Metrics:

  • Loan Volume: $872,000
  • Number of Loans: 4
  • Average Loan to After Repair Value: 63%
  • Loan Payoffs: $599,000
  • Number of Loans Paid off: 2 Loans
  • Interest Paid to Investors: $19,700