[Issuer] Harbor update April 2022

This month we are pleased to announce an expansion of our trade finance operations to India. This announcement comes after Harbor’s recent geographic expansion into Mexico in February and is part of the strategic roadmap to build Harbor’s global platform for SME’s.

The scope of Harbor’s offering in India will be receivables finance for the 63 million MSME sized businesses which represent 40 percent of all Indian export volume. India’s MSME segment represent 45 percent of industrial production and contributes around 30 percent to India’s GDP which is forecasted to be 8.4 trillion USD by 2030.

More details can on our expansion be found here:

Other updates:

  • Origination in our key markets remains strong. Fiscal year in India was March 31st, great timing for our official launch in the market.
  • Pool Value peaked at 5.7 million DAI in March
  • Current Maker utilization sits at 1.48 million DAI

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions here in the forum or at [email protected].

Bryan Maloney

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Thanks for sharing this.

Given this expansion into India…

  • What’s the timeline for how this impacts your capital raising efforts in Defi?
  • How does this impact needed/forecasted capital from MakerDAO?
  • How can the Centrifuge Community support you here?

Hi @ctcunning. Now that we’ve expanded into new markets, we are seeing a steady upswing in origination, yet we remain prudent on client onboarding. We prioritize quality over quantity. Fortunately we’ve got great partners managing the day to day asset origination in Mexico and India that have been originating some great programs. As we scale the portfolio over the coming months we’ll look for support from both the Maker and Centrifuge communities on a debt ceiling increase.

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