[Issuer] 2021 Year In Review

Harbor 2021 Review

As we set sail for the new year, we’d like to provide our current and future investors with an overview of our achievements over the last 12 months.

Here are a few key highlights from 2021:

  • TIN target yield 15.00%, achieved 20.60% TTM and 22.30% APY (past 90 days)
  • DROP target yield 7.00%, achieved 6.66% TTM and 7.39% APY (past 30 Days)
  • Default Rate 0%
  • $8,185,000 in volume funded
  • Average Asset Maturity of 108 days

2021 News Recap

  • Harbor Raises Funds From MakerDAO Unlocking DeFi’s Full Potential in Trade Finance

  • Harbor chooses Codat as integration partner to access real time users data for risk monitoring and transaction approval on the HarborTrade platform.

  • Harbor has executed the world’s largest trade finance transaction funded with a stablecoin to provide working capital for a global commodities trader. The over $2 million transaction is the first and largest trade finance program of its kind.

  • Harbor Integrates With Circle To Provide Faster Payments To Global Buyers And Suppliers

Pool Status

Harbor’s Pool on Tinlake is now open to new and existing subscribers.
5,000 DAI Minimum Investment for DROP tranche (senior)
50,000 DAI Minimum Investment for TIN tranche (junior)


Thank you for this update! Somehow slipped by me that Harbor did a 2+ million DAI asset. So cooool!

I think now the largest single asset/NFT financed on Tinlake? Not that it’s a competition :wink:

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FortunaFi has 2+ million DAI too :slight_smile:

The question is: wen double digits (in millions)? :star_struck:


I’d say rather sooner than later :wink:

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