Governance Update - Delay of Runtime Upgrade 4


We found an issue in during RTU4 testing on Charcoal that stopped block production.
We are not sure if this is caused by the new code or the version of the relay chain we are testing against (a bit older than kusama).
Since the issue is only apparent after a few sessions, testing and troubleshooting becomes a bit more slow.
We will give an update here as soon as we know more, but for now we are postponing the upgrade until we clear this issue up, it might take a few days.
Thank you for you patience, there are a lot of moving pieces and we want to make sure we take safe steps.


Hola Miguel.

Thanks for the update and the explanation. Groundbreaking new technology comes with delays, bugs and hickups. This should be clear to everyone in the space.

Good luck with the final testing!


When is the expected launch? I think we waited too long.

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This will most likely delay the process further which means we might not see RTU4 done until February! The wait has been terribly long

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Hello everyone,

We are excited to announce that we are ready to propose the next runtime upgrade to be voted by the community. RTU4 has been verified successfully in our testnets and a release has been cut on the centrifuge-chain repository.
As mentioned in the community call and in previous posts this upgrade enables token transfers, among other work around collator selection (more information on this to follow soon).

Proposal timeline sequence:

  • Monday 24th Jan EOD UTC: Council Motion to vote on externalProposeMajority on the preimage hash of the code upgrade (parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade(…))
  • Monday 24th Jan EOD UTC: Council Motion to vote on fastrack on the preimage above with a delay on voting of 50,400 blocks (7 days @ 12s/block)

Proposed codeHash: 0xb7294a2baef2fa984a4b960de35d597301777481fc5ec08e0e5b9a1808267eb6

After these steps (Monday 24th Jan EOD UTC), the upgrade will be up for public referenda voting by the community for a duration of 7 days.

Let us know if you have any questions!


thanks for the update! very exciting indeed

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Thanks for the update and the quick fix. Very transparent and all code is open source - that’s how blockchain should be!

7 days for vote that was already delayed for 7 days when the expected result of the vote is inevitable. 4 days is mire than enough mate!


After passing the council voting for a 7 day voting period, the runtime upgrade 4 is up for public voting, please head here and cast your vote on the first referendum held in Altair!

whatever man! after 1 week delay

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