Fully Decentralized NFTs


The objective of this topic is not to advertise but possibly to make a proposal to allow the complete de-centralization of the centrifuge NFTs infrastructure.

I recently started to follow a new project (ALEPH), it proposes a solution to fully decentralize the NFTs.
They have cross-chain compatibility (eth/dot/solana/cosmos etc) with already several interesting partnerships like RioDefi (runs on Polkadot), Serum (on solana) and other …

More details in this article where Centrifuge is named :

It would reduce the risks related to the centralization of NFTs (down the content, or get hacked, censored, etc.).
Your feedback would be interesting.



@ADRSTAKE : Mhh, how exactly does that differ from the Centrifuge P2P nodes? The only difference I see at first glance is that they are integrating IPFS here.


Indeed, it is more of an idealist/optimization vision.
The core of the service provided by Centrifuge is to provide liquidity to companies, but if the nodes are there for that reason, it’s not a good idea. :slight_smile:

@metamod: tank you for your feedback