FAQ after migration to parachain

After Centrifuge migrated to a parachain the 5th April 2022, there are some things that have changed, compared to how they were when Centrifuge was a standalone chain. Below you will find the answers to the most commonly asked questions from the community.

:moneybag: STAKING:

After the migration to parachain, staking on Centrifuge as you knew it no longer exists. This is the reason you haven’t received rewards since the migration if you were staking your tokens. The reason is that it is no longer needed to stake your CFG with validators to secure the network - the security is now provided by the Polkadot Relay Chain validators to all parachains. There will be collators instead for block production.

If you had CFG staked before the migration, they were all automatically unbonded - you don’t have to do anything actively.

In the future, there will be other utilities of the CFG tokens to earn passive rewards - check this Forum post to stay updated with the ongoing discussion about the most recent proposal.


People who contributed to Centrifuge directly through the official crowdloan have been able to claim their rewards since the 22nd April, by connecting their wallets to the claim page. You can find the instructions here.

However, users who contributed through Parallel, Bifrost or Equilibrium are facing some issues when claiming - the devs are aware of this and are looking into it. Please have some patience while this is being solved.


Some investors had difficulties seeing their token balance in the portal after claiming. The most common mistake is that they are using the OLD chain in the portal. If you claimed successfully, your tokens are in your wallet. Check this post to see how and where to find them on the new chain.


The CFG rewards you received from the crowdloan are not all transferable - 20 % were unlocked immediately and the remaining 80 % are vesting over the duration of the parachain lease (which ends the 15th January 2024). This means that your locked tokens will be released linearly, block by block, until that date. In other words, approximately every 12 seconds a small portion of your rewards will be available to be unlocked.

The vesting started already when Centrifuge was onboarded as a parachain on Polkadot the 11th March, so by now you should be able to unlock more than 20 % (even though you just claimed now).

You have to unlock your vested tokens automatically in the portal. It is very easy to do that. Just to go to the account section of the portal, click on the three dots next to your account and select “Unlock vested amount”.


You can also find additional information about your vesting schedule by clicking on the :arrow_down_small: next to your account and hover your mouse over the :information_source: symbol.


Hopefully this provides some clarification on some of the most commonly asked questions.


Hi @Rhano,

No staking rewards since Parachain migration. When will the staking feature be available?

Hi @TurkValidator,

You are right, after the migration staking with validators is no longer active as the security is no longer provided by the Centrifuge validators (they will be replaced by collators, as I am sure you are aware of).

There are other incentives currently being discussed, as I mention in the post (staking with the pools that are going to be launched directly on Centrifuge chain, instead of on Tinlake).

At some point, it will also be possible to stake your tokens (CFG and AIR) with the collators, but it is still months away and the rewards (in terms of APY) are not going to be as high as they were with staking with validators on Centrifuge.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you any specific time frame though.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. @Rhano

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For a proposal on staking in pools you can read more in the governance section