Democracy Proposal 2: CFG listing and Liquidity Incentives on Stellaswap on Moonbeam

Good day Community
Democracy Proposal 2 has become a public referendum (Referendum 33) that all CFG token holders can vote on.

This proposal is about:

Hash: 0xc5b4fe07d734569a81df58d9ed633d3d3e83d6ca0838023c92d34ba4bb653336

The referendum is open for 50,400 blocks (Approx 7 days) and will be open until block #3074400 (31th May ~21:39 UTC) and will be activated, if passed, 7 days after on block #3,132,000( Estimated Time: 2023-06-08 20:49 (+UTC))

  • :ballot_box: You can vote on SubSquare here
  • :ballot_box: You can vote on Polkadot.js here

I don’t understand why this proposal is failing. I can see numeral benefits of going with a yes -

  1. CFG will be enlisted in a DEX. Stellaswap is one of the best places to trade tokens in the Polkadot ecosystem with a low fee.
  2. My CFG tokens are sitting idle. This would have given an opportunity to grow them, it’s not only about earning something passive, but, the excitement of doing something with the token is even more interesting to me.
  3. It’s not good to be isolated in the modern era. From where can you buy CFG tokens except only a few CEX?

Good day, Community!
Democracy proposal #2 has successfully passed with SuperMajority Approval!

Aye(46) 7.23M CFG
Nay(9)753.44K CFG

Thank you for your participation.

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Thank you for sharing the results.