Democracy Proposal 2: CFG listing and Liquidity Incentives on Stellaswap on Moonbeam

Good day Community
Democracy Proposal 2 has become a public referendum (Referendum 33) that all CFG token holders can vote on.

This proposal is about:

Hash: 0xc5b4fe07d734569a81df58d9ed633d3d3e83d6ca0838023c92d34ba4bb653336

The referendum is open for 50,400 blocks (Approx 7 days) and will be open until block #3074400 (31th May ~21:39 UTC) and will be activated, if passed, 7 days after on block #3,132,000( Estimated Time: 2023-06-08 20:49 (+UTC))

  • :ballot_box: You can vote on SubSquare here
  • :ballot_box: You can vote on Polkadot.js here

I don’t understand why this proposal is failing. I can see numeral benefits of going with a yes -

  1. CFG will be enlisted in a DEX. Stellaswap is one of the best places to trade tokens in the Polkadot ecosystem with a low fee.
  2. My CFG tokens are sitting idle. This would have given an opportunity to grow them, it’s not only about earning something passive, but, the excitement of doing something with the token is even more interesting to me.
  3. It’s not good to be isolated in the modern era. From where can you buy CFG tokens except only a few CEX?

Good day, Community!
Democracy proposal #2 has successfully passed with SuperMajority Approval!

Aye(46) 7.23M CFG
Nay(9)753.44K CFG

Thank you for your participation.

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Thank you for sharing the results.

Hey, gang! Just a quick question:

With this vote now having successfully passed and 6/8 being the enactment date, are there already HRMP channels open between Centrifuge and Moonbeam? Won’t there need to be an XCM transfer option so we can move our CFG tokens to Moonbeam if we intend to provide LP for the pools?

I only ask because I don’t see the ability to transfer CFG on the Moonbeam dashboard / interface as of yet and we are only a few days away…

Thanks in advance for any insight / info you can share! :raised_hands:

Hey Ryan, I replied in Discord but I’ll gladly do it here again. And thanks for being on top of things!

We sent a request to open the HRMP channels between Centrifuge and Moonbeam back in September last year - you can see the forum post here.

The month after we submitted a motion to send an XCM to Polkadot in order to accept Moonbeam’s HRMP request as part of the same process - you can see that forum post here.

Both subsequent referenda passed by governance.

UPDATED: And the process for getting CFG registered as an XC-20 on Moonbeam is in progress.


Good day, Community!
Democracy Proposal #2 should be resubmitted as Council Motion #66. Even if Democracy Proposal #2 successfully passed the pre-images were not stored on-chain which caused the scheduler not able to find the preimage and as a result, simply nothing happened.

The proposal has therefore been resubmitted:

The pre-image hash:
Voting period: 900 blocks ~ 3 hours.

You can see the motion on Subsquare here .

Please vote on this motion at your earliest convenience, councillors.

@branan @thespaceacatjr @lucasvo @mikiquantum @cassidy @prankstr25 @vedhavyas

Good day

Council Motion 66 has passed.
Referendum 37 is now open for all CFG token holders to vote on. You can vote on the referendum either on Subsquare or in the portal.

:ballot_box: Vote on :
:ballot_box: Vote on : Subsquare

The vote is open for 900 blocks (~3 hours with an average block time of 12 seconds per block).
Thank you for your participating.

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Hello :wave:
Referendum #37 successfully passed.

Thanks everyone for participating.

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