Democracy Proposal 3:Listing CFG in HydraDX Omnipool & seeding initial liquidity

Good day Community :wave:
Democracy Proposal 3 has become a public referendum Referendum 35 that all CFG token holders can vote on.

This proposal is about:

Hash: 0x899a76f210736e87e47bfcab0732d6e01002428b55b7dfe03595b449879ea866

IPFS: QmenijR4Ytk7kS82Le3YkgGatRg3G8hfmSrNoAL6ga5y6x

The referendum is open for 50,400 blocks (Approx 7 days) and will be open until block # 3,225,600 (22th June ~01:15 UTC) and will be activated, if passed, 8 days after on block #3,283,200( Estimated Time: 2023-06-30 01:15 (+UTC))

  • :ballot_box: You can vote on SubSquare here
  • :ballot_box: You can vote on Polkadot.js here

Good day Community
The Democracy Proposal 3 has passed with SuperMajority Approve!

Aye : 9,249,138 CFG
Nay: 92.39 CFG

The execution will happen in 7 days and 18 hours at block 3283200

Thanks, everyone for participating.

Hi there!

Democracy Proposals 3 has been successfully executed!

Please follow Centrifuge,Hydra announcement channels, discord, and forum for the update about listing on Omnipool!

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