CP28 (GI): Centrifuge Protocol Fees

This proposal was discussed in the RFC here and was changed in accordance with feedback received from the community. The modified proposal has been submitted to the Proposal Repository on GitHub so it is now final.

Link to the proposal on GitHub: https://github.com/centrifuge/cps/blob/main/cps/CP28.md

Changes or improvements proposed:

  • Extend the Centrifuge Protocol to start collecting protocol fees on Centrifuge Chain as described above
  • Activate Protocol Fees on Centrifuge Chain and set a fixed fee of 0.4% of the valuation of all loans in the pool

The proposal has now moved on to an OpenSquare Snapshot.

:point_right: :point_right: :point_right: Please vote here: CP28 (GI): Centrifuge Protocol Fees

The OpenSquare Snapshot will start 16:00 CET 08.02.2023 and be open for 7 days (until 15/02/2023 16:01 CET)

Do you agree with this proposal?

Please vote Yes or No.

If passed, we will keep you updated when this proposal moves to an on-chain vote.

Thank everyone for participating and for the feedback provided.


Voted! I think this is a very important proposal and hope it passes


Absolutely! This one is crucial for the sustainability of the protocol. I voted with every available wallet…


The OpenSquare Snapshot vote for this proposal has passed.

Voted: 7.11M CFG
Voters: 61

Thank you everyone for voting and for participating in the discussion.

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