Council Motion 87: Runtime Upgrade 1026

The Altair council has submitted a motion (Council Motion 87) for upgrading the Altair chain to Runtime version 1026 - you can find the announcement and content of the upgrade here.

Pre-image hash: 0x2b29ecd37f9f2fcc14a1dfac6d328bc740b8ae4085eac147e4dc70858c56fb4f

The motion is fast-tracked and if passed, it will open a referendum that will be open for 50,400 blocks (~7 days) for all AIR token holders to vote on.

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Council Motion 87 has passed in the council.

Referendum 21 is now open for all AIR token holders to vote on. The referendum will end at block #2948342 (22nd April).

Please vote on SubSquare here.

Referendum 21 has successfully passed with a Simple Majority Approval

Thank you for voting.