Council Motion 50: Distribution of unclaimable CFG rewards (resubmission 3)

Council Motion 49 didn’t go to a referendum even though the motion passed in the Council as described here.

The proposal has therefore been resubmitted with the exact same parameters, this time as with Democracy voting.

You can see the motion on Subsquare here.

Please vote on this motion at your earliest convenience, councillors.

@Yarosl6 @branan @thespaceacatjr @lucasvo @mikiquantum @cassidy @prankstr25 @vedhavyas

Good day Councillor!

@branan @lucasvo @cassidy
We need just one vote more. This motion expires in less than 24 hours from now. Please vote as soon as possible. Thank you. :pray:

Council Motion 50 has passed.

Referendum 24 is now open for all CFG token holders to vote on. You can vote on the referendum either on Subsquare or in the portal.

:ballot_box: Vote on Subsquare: Distribution of unclaimable CFG rewards (resubmission 3)

:ballot_box: Vote in the Portal: Distribution of unclaimable CFG rewards (resubmission 3)

The vote is open for 50,400 blocks (~7 days with an average block time of 12 seconds).

Good evening Community!
Referendum 24 has passed with SimpleMajority at block 1858903.

As soon as the funds have arrived, we will start the distribution to eligible users.
Thank everyone for voting!