Council Motion 49: Distribution of unclaimable CFG rewards (resubmission 2)

Council Motion 45,Council Motion 44 didn’t pass in the council due to wrong amount and as not enough councillors voted on the motion. We have therefore asked the council to resubmit it as Council Motion 49, with exactly the same parameters.

The text to the proposal can be found here:

# 2022-03-10 Distribution of unclaimable CFG rewards
By casting your vote on-chain, you indicate your approval of minting and distribution of unclaimable CFG rewards :
1. Mint  430 CFG into the Proxy account 4cTwGSYkbpeZn5byhuLe2MrZa22aQJ6st3HJHg7Fyx3RLg7m (set balance to 430 CFG)
## References
1. [Snapshot Vote] ( )
2. [RFC] ( )

You can see the proposal on Subsquare here.

Councillors, please vote at your earliest convenience.

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Council Motion 49 was created as a simple Council Motion and not as Democracy voting so it never made to the referendum stage even though it passed in the Council.

The exact same proposal has been resubmitted as Council Motion 50.

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