Contest: Using Tinlake to manage / leverage your Crypto Positions

Hey everyone!
So we at 1754 Factory have a little contest we would like to put out: we are interested in learning the ways in DeFi that stable yields can be used to leverage your crypto portfolios.

Question: How can you manage/leverage DeFi to hedge your exposure/farm the most yield while using Tinlake?

Reward: 2000 Radial
Requirements: Submit your idea in 1754 Factory Contest - Centrifuge Governance Forum. There are no guidelines on how it must look, but original multimedia is always a plus.
Judges: Fabien Dureuil of 1754 Factory and Jason Jones of Centrifuge
Deadline: January 21st (To be announced on the monthly community call)

Best of luck!


Well as a long time miner with a finance degree I’ve been trying out several defi protocols with my coins to test with my own funds so I can advise people later down the road

Biggest hurdle you guys have to get around is making the defi space affordable NOW for smaller investors there plenty of platforms for institutional money.

But with the smart contracts for yield farming ie compound finance and almost other costing any were from $25 usd upwards of $150 depending on the gas fees smaller investors with say $1000 or less can’t access Defi products it’s not viable

Figure out a way that regular people can use these tools affordablely now today will be huge !!

I know scaling is coming and cheaper fees are around the corner with eth 2.0 rollout and polka dot going live soon but this is a real hurdle to over come find a way to get around those high entry/exit fees and you will get a lot of traffic

There’s a lot of money in taking all the smaller deposits the first one to solve it
Will be the leader!!


Posted my answer here…


@Fabien : Oh, did you remove the reward for the strategy simulator? :frowning:

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The best thing you could do is launch tokenized futures of your product and then short it 1x on an exchange that lists it. You will get RAD rewards risk free.

Other thing you could do is use options to manage your risk but who creates and manages it? another puzzle to solve.

One more thing you can do(probably the most practical long term solution), not now, but maybe in future. Consult with insurance providers- NXM, PolkaCover, etc. to provide insurance for your NFT receipt. You can borrow/lend against this NFT via centrifuge, and then use that capital to plug it in DeFi platforms like COMP, AAVE.

Hope it made sense.


My entry: Leveraging DeFi while using Tinlake

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi where exactly should we post the answer?
Should it be a reply to a topic or we should creat a new topic?

nah still up, for clarity purpose we felt it was better to do it by steps.
#1 strategies
#2 simulator

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yes, you can post here as an answer to the initial post and add a link on telegram

My entry: Contest submission: Tinlake DeFi extreme risk leverage strategy - hunting RAD

Got a bit long… ^^

My submission: Contest submission: RAD farming


By generating governance tokens over time, that is often done by participating in a particular protocol provided by the tinlake protocol , initial token distribution, governance token generation rewards users for using the protocol over the bigger time frame . An increased holding of governance tokens will then give the holder more voting power and help in improving proposals that come by .
And the tokens accumulated over time can be used in staking in protocols like avaae, balancer , or provide liquidity in protocol like uniswap

Rad actually seems to have some great tokenomics
But don’t listen to me do your own research :sunglasses: