Contest Submission: Using Leverage for Maximum yield with minimum risk

Question : *How can you manage/leverage DeFi to hedge your exposure/farm the most yield while using Tinlake?

Here are my answers-

1.The best thing you could do is launch tokenized futures of your product and then short it 1x on an exchange that lists it. You will get RAD rewards risk free.

2.Other thing you could do is use options to manage your risk but who creates and manages it? another puzzle to solve.

3.One more thing you can do( probably the most practical long term solution ), not now, but maybe in future. Consult with insurance providers- NXM, UNN, PolkaCover, etc. to provide insurance for your NFT receipt. You can borrow/lend against this NFT via centrifuge, and then use that capital to plug it in DeFi platforms like COMP, AAVE.

Hope the answers/suggestions were clear :slight_smile:

Also, I didnt notice that we had to submit the answer here (my bad), I had it written in the original contest thread.

Hope it counts :slight_smile: